Shahbhag Restaurant

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Shahbhag Restaurant
70 Rosslyn Hill Hampstead
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7794 9959


Shahbhag, which means 'the Royal Garden', is the oldest established restaurant in Hampstead and one of the oldest in north-west London. Since our opening in 1954, we have had the pleasure of providing our customers with the culinary pleasure that is unique to Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine.

Our customers can be assured of exquisitely appetising dishes created by our expert chef and served efficiently and courteously by our team of waiters. These values have gained us an established customer base and we hope that you will experience these values.

The care that our chef takes in creating each individual dish means that we do not serve fast food but rather food that is created in the traditional Indian and Bangladeshi style passed down through the generations.

All our delicious cuisines are created by our chef using his own culinary expertise that combines select freshly ground herbs and spices with certain methods of cooking for a mouth-watering taste.

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