Activities in London

Activities in London

London Activities

London has a wide choice of activities to choose from, so whatever type of activity your looking to do you should be able to find it here in the capitol.

London Sightseeing Flight

Stapleford Flight Centre
London sightseeing flight lasts for 30 minutes & will take you over most of the main attractions in London, with amazing views of the Houses of parliment, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge & the River Thames to name just a few.Taking off from Stapleford Flight Centre in Stapleford Tawney, this has got to be the best way to view London & it's wonderful landmarks. All flights are subject to air traffic clearance.

Tel: 01708 688380

Go Kart Racing

Playscape Racing Promotions
Playscape are widely recognised as the founders of modern kart racing and have been at the forefront of karting since 1986, developing the sport into one of the most exciting and accessible forms of motor racing today. Racing a kart is not only a thrilling experience, but also great fun, and whether you are a novice or a potential Formula 1 driver, you will find that Playscape's fast and furious race sessions are geared up to give you an adrenalin-filled event to remember!

Tel: 020 8677 8677

Indoor Ice Climbing

Vertical Chill
Learn to Ice Climb £40 lessons are available with a qualified guide.
Sessions for accomplished climbers are also available.
Climb & Hire £30 for experienced climbers, includes equipment & supervision.
Turn Up and Climb £20 for experienced climbers, includes supervision/belaying but no equipment.

Tel: 0207 395 1010

Floatation Tanks

Floatworks Ltd
Floating, floatation, float therapy, whatever you choose to call it, it is quite simply the most incredible means of stress relief and relaxation available. We will go into further detail on this page, but essentially the tank contains 10 inches of super-saturated salt solution, creating an environment similar to the Dead Sea which enables the individual to float effortlessly on the surface. The water is heated to skin temperature (93.5 degrees) so that once settled, it is virtually impossible to distinguish between parts of the body that are in contact with the water, and those that aren't, in effect "fooling" the brain into believing that the person is floating in mid-air.

Tel: 0207 357 0111


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