London Sightseeing

London Sightseeing

London Sightseeing

Photographer's Gallery

The Photographer's Gallery is actually split across two galleries, No.8 houses the main exhibition and an interesting little bookshop (with a small stock of novelty lomo cameras), and No.5 has a small cafe with more photos on the walls. The exhibitions are wide and varied, from documentary photographers to fine artists. Some photographers have long gone, and some are just on their way up. With the crowds and chaos of Leicester Square on one side and Covent Garden on the other, this is a welcome retreat.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park, together with Kensington Gardens to the west, is the largest of the three royal parks. On the northeast side is Speakers' Corner, where people are free to speak their mind--as long as they don't debase the Queen. Hyde Park is home to a lake called The Serpentine. You can hire boats or even take a dip in the water. The lake has two cafe/restaurants, the Lido cafe (Next to the Diana Memorial fountain) serves fantastic homemade style hamburgers. If you fancy a walk, it takes approx 1.5 hours walk around the Serpentine.

Covent Garden

This bustling little hotspot in the heart of London is the perfect place to wander, shop, and party. Filled with amusing street performers, wacky stores, many theatres, and numerous pubs, Covent Gardens is open 24 hours. The perfect place to shop during the day, go to the theatre, then drink the night away. The must-sees of this area are: The Maple Leaf: Canada's little home away from home. This pub plays hockey and has Canadian beer. If you're Canadian, you have to stop here. Walkabout: For those Aussies who are missing home, Walkabout is the popular Australian pub.

10 & 11 Downing Street

Residences of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Rupert Walpole 'received' number ten when he became the first "First Lord of the Treasury" of Britain in 1732.

London Eye

This is a great way to see a lot of London at one time. It is the now familar ferris wheel across the Thames River from Westminister Abby, Parliment. It is a 1/2 hour trip from beginning to end, costs about $15, and you should make reservations during the high season (June-August). Each is capsule is huge, able to hold 20 or so people and there is very little vibration. The view is spectacular.

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